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Argentina, United States, Spain, Singapore and now Paris : Guillermo Musumeci joins D2SI after more than 18 years designing, building and deploying architectures based on Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare products. Guillermo is also the author of a serie of books “Getting started with Citrix XenApp 6/6.5″, and the creator and adminstrator of CtxAdmTools, a website dedicated to automation tools development. Guillermo answered our questions shortly after his arrival in France.

Why did you choose to join D2SI?

The main reason was the people. I have really, really enjoyed all interviews with the D2SI team. I found the D2SI culture and values matched with my personality. Over the years I have found that the most important part of IT projects is the people, it is very difficult to achieve goals or deliver complex projects alone, so people is the key to success.

Are you looking forward to be working with Julien Stanojevic? Do you know him?

I have always admired France as a country of brilliant engineers. Over many years working with Citrix and Virtualization I have met lots of amazing French Citrix and Virtualization architects. Julien is one of the best. I have read his blog posts. He is passionate about this job. I’m so happy to work with Julien. I spoke with him and found we both share the same working values. One of the main reasons why I’ve joined D2SI was the opportunity to work with him.

You have a worldwide experience in virtualization, what new challenges do you expect in this Parisian adventure?

After more than one decade working with Citrix and Virtualization in Asia, America and Europe, I found the implementation of technology was strongly influenced by the culture and the language of the country. The same project in USA and UK will be completely different. The design, the time and even the words used in the project will be different. Obviously after many years working in English and Spanish speaking countries, language is one of the big challenges. The second biggest challenge is to adapt quickly to both country and company’s culture.

How do you see the evolution of the IT market in the near future?

More and more datas will be stored on the cloud. Datacenters the way we know them in small and medium companies are going to disappear in the next few years and will reduce a lot for large companies. Some IT jobs will disappear and some will evolve. Even I have moved my own lab to test my tools to Azure and using some tools I created to turn on or off different test environments. I’m saving money on hardware and electricity, reduce noise at home and this way avoid issues with my wife. Companies are starting to do the same. Thanks to the cloud, virtualization and Citrix, users will be able to run virtual desktops in the cloud using Citrix Workspace Suite from any device and everywhere.

You have developed tools and written books about Citrix, is it important for you to commit yourlself to the community?

In 2008, I created my automation tools to save my time and spent more time with my family. Later I figure out I could help other people in the same situation, so I decided to share my CtxAdmTools tools. At the beginning I was writing tools to automate my job, but when the feedback started to arise, I decided to listen to the community. Now over 80% of the new features or the new products are coming from customers’ requests.

The commitment to the community is reflected in the books too. I spent hours reading blogs and Citrix forums, looking for feedback to write a useful book for all Citrix users.

What are you the most proud of in these realizations?

My goal with my books and my CtxAdmTools tools is to share my knowledge and help other people. I feel very proud of my Citrix books and this is probably because I’m a big fan of books. But my tools make me really happy. The tools’ development and testing take a lot of time; however I’m enjoying the process a lot. Also, I can see the impact in the community through e-mails, blogs and mentions on Social Networks.

Thank you Guillermo and welcome !

Our strategic approach to virtualization and our high standards mean that it can sometimes be hard for us to find experienced profiles in France, which is why we have hired three specialist from abroad over the last year. The arrival of Guillermo is also a great opportunity to enrich the French Citrix community and give it a further boost. I’m delighted that another world-renowned expert is joining us… could we be building a Dream Team?

Domenico Di Cicco, Solutions Director and D2SI Associate

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