D2SI becomes HashiCorp’s first partner and contributor in France

partenaire Hashicorp
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

For several years now we have been fervent supporters of HashiCorp solutions: Terraform and Packer are among the tools we use on a daily basis for automation and to do infrastructure as code. Mitchell Hashimoto, a speaker at TIAD in 2015 advocates an approach, being software focused on the user experience rather than technology, an approach that we share. We also share the desire to drive the community through Open Source, which is why we contribute to Terraform. Today we are proudly taking a step further in becoming HashiCorp’s first partner in France !

« HashiCorp products provide a simple, intelligent response to the issues that we meet at our clients on a daily basis. The products are easy to use and you can be trained on them relatively quickly. They form a very versatile toolkit. And the community around the Open Source offering is highly active.« 

Marc Falzon, leader of the Open Source unit and Gauthier Wallet

Terraform, Packer and Consul are part of the fundamental tools used by D2SI to bring its clients in moving into the cloud and automating their infrastructure. We also offer training programs for Terraform and Packer.

We were one of the first to recognise the effectiveness of these tools, using it intensively, actively promoting their adoption and acting as a driving force to improve them such as meeting new requirements encountering our clients’.

D2SI has been involved in the adoption of HashiCorp tools in the DevOps community for several years. The partnership with HashiCorp opens up further opportunities: organising and leading HUG (HashiCorp User Group) meetups where generic case studies. upgrades to the Terraform, Packer and Consul tools will be presented, but also contributing Open Source code to Terraform.

We share more than just technology choices with HashiCorp : we also share values. HashiCorp products are based on the « Tao of HashiCorp« :

  • Workflows rather than technologies
  • Simplicity and modularity inherited from the UNIX philosophy
  • Autonomous, communicating processes
  • Consistency
  • Versioning managed by the code
  • Automation
  • Resilience through tools (auto recovery, self healing)
  • Pragmatism

HashiCorp Meetup

Are you an expert on Terraform, Vault or Packer, or are you just starting out? We would like to invite you to the HashiCorp User Group Meetup : we want to develop the community around HashiCorp products and impulse sharing feedbacks from experiences, advanced case studies as well as tutorials and demonstrations for beginners.

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